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    Tegu believes that every child possesses the unhindered ability to build, create, and imagine. And they aren’t only creating towering block structures and backyard tree forts, they are building their futures.




    However, today, play time is being crowded-out. Kids nowadays have 8 fewer hours of free, unstructured playtime a week than they had 20 years ago. Hyperschedulized calendars, mindless distraction and adult-driven play put a leash on imagination and restrict play.

    So Tegu decided to call for a way to play that is endlessly new... 


    It's not just a philosophy. It's a call to action.

    Boundless Play is playing without an agenda and delighting in the joy of the moment. It's a race to explore and discover.

    To see a child at play is to witness potential in its purest form. Boundless Play is where progress, problem-solving, and ingenuity thrive. That's why Tegu Blocks are thoughtfully designed to help kids face challenges with resourcefulness and creativity at their earliest stages of development. Tegu thinks outside the lines, so that your kids will too. 

    Tegu Magnetic Blocks

    All Tegu blocks are designed to work together. This was a unique challenge that was solved by crafting each block around a core module of 30mm.

    But just as important as designing the blocks to work together, they needed to make sure that the blocks work for the person playing with them. So they looked at the size of a child's hand, as well as how they play with and hold the blocks, before settling on each unique block shape. 


    Kids are the best people on earth at discovering more from less. So Tegu blocks are made to expand a child's imagination. Where an adult sees a rectangular piece of wood, a child sees a train. Where a parent finds a magnet, a kid discovers a robot. Boundless Play means charting new territory. So while you won't find instructions in the packaging, you will find plenty of inspiration.