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    Hello, there! NYC sends love.

    It is with this slogan that The August Tree came about. While in Manila, where Christine grew up, she took up Industrial Design and was at one point, a Design Professor. She spent several years as a buyer-merchandiser for Myriad Import-Export. She's been living in New York for the past decade and greatly misses her profession which remains her passion. She had the eye for curating good products, and being deeply-rooted to the Philippines, she always made mental notes of which of the people she knew in Manila would love the things she found. She loved playing "match the product with the personality" so much that the natural direction was to open a shop - before she ran out of people she knew to match the products she finds with! 

    As luck would have it, a good friend (also not a native New Yorker) had a strong background in shipping and accounting, partnered with Christine to create a webstore that has a well-curated product line with gifts, accessories and toys that spoke with a "traveler's flair." They handpick products from all over the world that focus on design and craftsmanship, accessories that are ergonomic and practical for travel, and industrial design-conscious toys that parents would be willing to keep in the living room as conversation pieces.

    The webstore is laid-back and very inviting, so relax and have a cup of tea while you browse. Browsing can be addicting. They have a wide selection of items waiting to be shared with a kindred spirit.