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    While in Sweden, the creator of Ögon, Thomas Marcel, noticed how the most stylish Swedes used metal cigarette cases to carry their identity cards, credit cards and bank notes. He thought this was so clever and went to work to develop the concept in Stockholm, with inspiration from metallic suitcases. After two years of perfecting the design, he moved the company to Paris.


    The launch of the Stockholm wallet was like a small revolution against the leather goods market. It was the first aluminum wallet to hit the market. Choosing aluminum was a bold choice but with good reason. This alloy is light, stainless, and 100% recyclable.  Best of all, the wallet acts like small Faraday cages, stopping magnetic waves and protecting your cards against demagnetization.

    All Ögon models are certified RFID-safe because by blocking the waves, they prevent from scanning-card thieves. Your credit cards are protected from hackers.



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