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    art point Vienna

    art point Vienna

    art point 


    The label art point was founded in Moscow in 1993. Since 1999, two collections per year have been produced under the direction of the designer Lena Kvadrat. 

    Within an urban civilisation, fashion, for Lena Kvadrat, is as fundamental means of communication as, for example, mobile telephony. Following other sign systems, the language of fashion uses explicit and encoded signals to reveal the social status, the financial situation or the cultural roots of the person wearing a particular piece of clothing.


    For several years Lena Kvadrat worked simultaneously in Vienna and Moscow, thus constantly traversing both real and virtual borders. Since 2008 Vienna has been the sole centre of activity of the label. Nevertheless, the crossing of borders, namely of those between the fashion industry and the social constructs it is based upon, remains a characteristic trait of the work of art point.





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