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    News — chat

    Welcome to the revamped site!

    Welcome, Fall!
    And welcome to our new look - we have revamped the site to make buying presents easier and much more fun. 
    We have added categories on types of recipients, so you can be sure they will love what you give them. :)




    We have also added categories on price range, to make shopping less stressful.

    Still stumped? We are available while you shop on live chat. Just ask away. We can lead you to a few options as you let us know more about your recipient. We can also tell you about any of the products in the shop.  We will also gift wrap, at your request, when you chat with us or leave a note in your shopping cart.

    So come on, step into the shop and have a browse. Feel like you are walking into your favorite gift shop with someone within reach that can help you in any way we can. :)