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    News — Breakfast

    Come with me on a Honey Flight



    Have you seen the Bee Raw Honey Flight Gift Sets in the shop? There are four tubes filled with different kinds of honey, sealed with beeswax, with a pretty wooden block stand. When I first saw it, I thought it would look really great on my coffee table. And then, I got to taste the honey. And. They. Were. All. Sooooo. Good. 

    You know how you think coffee is just coffee?  And then, you taste really good coffee and then you suddenly realize that there are so many different kinds of coffee. And then, you're suddenly on a quest to find that perfect coffee that you like best - the one that speaks of who you are? Hmmm. Maybe you feel like this with wine? Or tea?

    Bee Raw Honey does that to you. But with honey. I think it's because it is not just about how it tastes, but how you feel when you taste it. It could remind you of a backyard tea party with lifelong friends, or your grandmother stroking your forehead or laying down under a tree.


    For me, the wildflower varietal takes me back to 12-year-old me, living with a host family far, far away, having a very long breakfast in the backyard, amidst laughter and friendship that would last a lifetime. The honey flights are like happy memories in a tube for me. Ahahaha. 

    I do have both fruit and wildflower varietals on my dining table for breakfast. They look pretty and you get to have honey moods and pick which honey you would like to take for the day. They also make my smile last a little longer when I start my day. It's a nice tradition to start with your breakfast and tea folks, don't you think? :)