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    Follow us on Instagram @theaugusttreetuckshop for special sales! You will find items from sample sales, limited editions, essentials and other odds and ends that our shopping elves have found while combing the streets of New York. We will post images of these super finds with the price (including shipping and handling). Grab it straightaway! Tuck shop items are not restocked.


    To purchase from the tuck shop:

    1. Like / <3 the photo and send an email to tuckshop@theaugusttree.com to tell us which tuck shop items you are purchasing. Please include your full name, shipping address, phone number and email (for PayPal billing). Do this right away because someone else might get ahead of you.
    2. We will then send you a PayPal invoice. 
    3. Please confirm the purchase by sending payment.
    4. We will send this out to you straightaway. Expect your tuck shop goodies in 7 to 9 business days. :)