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    The August Tree also offers Buying Services. From sourcing a single product, to curating an entirely new collection exclusively for you, we are happy to help. We are designer-merchandisers that will work with your budget and vision.  Here are some ideas on how our buying services can work for you:

    • Looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion.
    • Looking for that hard-to-find thing that is rumored to have made an appearance in New York.
    • Wanting to start a business - We can source the products you would like to carry and get you really good shipping rates.
    • Preparing a super-fantastic themed party - Looking for specific decoration and memorable giveaways.
    • And the list goes on....

    Please send an email to christine@theaugusttree.com for your interest in our buying services. Don't worry if you are not so sure yet about what you want to buy. We can give you ideas too. =)